Holiday Celebrating: Rules of the Road

How is your company celebrating for the Holiday Season?  With our rich and diverse cultures coming together today, there are many ways the Holiday Season is recognized by companies.  Here are a few ideas shared in a recent article from the November issue of HR Magazine on celebrating this season with your staff!  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Holiday Decorations:  A Christmas Tree, Menorah or even a Kwanzaa Harvest basket are all things that represent Holiday Celebrations!  Being sensitive to your company culture is something that employees will appreciate and embrace.

Holiday Parties:  This is always a welcome affair and usually highly anticipated by the staff!  Some guidelines that may help you plan accordingly:

  • Don’t require attendance to the gathering – unless you are scheduling the party during work hours­
  • It’s best to call the gathering a Holiday or Seasonal celebration to maximize inclusion
  • Control the amount of alcohol that is served
  • Consider charging for drinks and donating all the money to charity
  • Remind your employees that your Handbook and EEO Policy apply to social events
  • Make sure music is appropriate and is more middle ground than geared to the younger or older workers

Holiday Gifts:

  • Let staff know gifts must be appropriate and must be consistent with your EEO Policy
  • Send an email ahead of the Holiday Season stating if a worker receives alcohol as a gift, it cannot be consumed at work, and should be taken home the same day it is received

With all these tips in mind, your celebration is sure to be a success!  Take a deep breath, have some Advil on hand and jump right in!  And, don’t forget, for extra help anytime of the year, CALL WORKING WORLD STAFFING SERVICES!

Holiday Celebrating: Rules of the Road

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