How Your Digital Footprint Affects Your Employment Potential

How Your Digital Footprint Affects Your Employment Potential

Your digital footprint, specifically your Internet footprint, is your presence or identity on the Web. This footprint can be the incidental by-product of your activity on the Web, or you can make it an intentional footprint to assist you in job-seeking.

A recent post here shared that:

  • 77% of potential employers used search engines like Google to screen their candidates
  • 35% of these employers eliminated a candidate from consideration based on information they found online

So go ahead and Google yourself. Consider this a due diligence on you. Check out every page, fully evaluating you as a potential job candidate. Don’t forget to search Google images for any pictures that may include your face. Also search your physical address, your email address, and your phone number. And don’t stop with Google. Consider utilizing a company that will monitor your digital imprint for free, such as:

Repler-“A social media monitoring service designed to help users manage their online image across different social networks. It does so by showing users how they are perceived across social networks, by telling users the makeup of their social network connections, and by identifying any potential issues and risks.”

My Web Career-“A free service that helps you to discover, evaluate, and manage online data that may help your career prospects.”

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do recognize that the difference between you and another candidate may simply be your digital footprint.  
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your digital profile is your private business.  Online evaluations are a routine part of most employers’ candidate interviews.
  • Do use your digital footprint to your advantage. Stack the odds in your favor by posting thoughtful articles and comments that link back to you and showcase your potential to employers.
  • Don’t ignore your digital footprint. In this age of social media, an empty footprint can be as detrimental as a negative footprint.

Cleaning Up Your Digital Footprint

As you evaluate your digital footprint, you might find it necessary to clean up your online presence. Periodically evaluate your social media ‘friends’ and your privacy settings. It may be necessary to quietly unfriend contacts that detract from your professional profile.

Remove or delete any photos, posts, or comments that do not reflect the image you want to portray to potential employers. If you cannot remove content then counteract by adding positive blog comments, Tweets, and Facebook posts to essentially ‘bury’ any previous negative ones.

Keep an eye on your digital footprint by setting up Google alerts for your name and monitor what’s being said about you.

Your digital footprint is your calling card. What does yours say about you?

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How Your Digital Footprint Affects Your Employment Potential

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