Seven Keys to Retaining Employees

It’s a well-known fact that it takes a staff of dedicated, well-trained employees to operate a successful business. But keeping that staff in place—contentedly serving your customers—takes thought and effort on the part of company leadership and management.

What makes an employee stay on the job long-term?

Adequate training is a must. Training instills confidence and creates an “I-can-do-this attitude. Poor or non-existent training leads to frustration that often ends in an employee leaving the workplace. And who can blame him/her?

Follow-through on hiring promises. In other words, don’t make promises to prospective employees that make the job look so fantastic how could anyone say no? Don’t even leave the impression this or that will take place if it’s not a done deal. Being upfront about hours, expectations, job demands, etc., sets up both you and the employee for success.

Establish job expectations for every position. When expectations shift daily or weekly, employees understandably feel unsure of their ability to perform. A staff member who is often worried about measuring up to ever changing expectations cannot do his/her best work. The added stress will undoubtedly lead to a lesser degree of proficiency and could lead to physical symptoms or illness, very often a precursor to seeking a different job.

Now that the ball’s rolling in the right direction, be the force that keeps your workforce happily employed for years to come.

Show appreciation for your employee’s efforts. Positive reinforcement reaps a harvest in employee satisfaction and longevity.

There’s not a person on your roster who wouldn’t be grateful to see or hear proof that their labors are appreciated. A pat on the back, a word of encouragement, even a high five will lift morale and spur further productivity. A commitment to regular performance reviews and pay increases shows you value your employee’s efforts.

Reward for precision skill. Strive to recognize a high standard of skill throughout the company.

No question—skill and precision keep your clients returning for excellent products and outstanding customer service. Focus on long-term, top-notch skill accountability with incentives that recognize those meeting and exceeding expectations. Challenge your employees to sharpen their skills and pay close attention to those yearning to take on new challenges. Nudge those who show promise but are hesitant to speak up. You’ll find cross-trained employees to be an asset in your human resources bank.

Recognize the importance of attitude. Never under estimate the power of attitude. When you create avenues to recognize and reward your employee’s positive outlook and work ethic, you demonstrate the value of attitude. Encourage the contagious nature of a go-get-‘em attitude to spread throughout your company. Motivate by example, creating a ripple effect from the top down by placing those who value attitude in key leadership or supervisory positions. Squash negativity with incentives that motivate away from damaging attitudes toward a focus on the positive.

Create an atmosphere of open communication. Allow employees to speak freely and accept feedback from them.

Whether it be an innovative product idea or honest dialogue about missed opportunities, you’ll be ahead to recognize the value in your employee’s feedback. Workers who feel comfortable sharing ideas and insights see themselves as part of a team, laboring together for a common goal. Teamwork places importance on each member’s contribution, furthering the spirit of unity and trust—a big factor in long-term job satisfaction.

Not only is losing employees inconvenient and frustrating, it hurts the bottom line. According to Susan M. Heathfield, Human Resources Expert, “Employee retention matters. Organizational issues such as training time and investment; lost knowledge; mourning, insecure coworkers and a costly candidate search aside, failing to retain a key employee is costly.”

Don’t push valued employees out the door by ignoring key aspects of employee longevity. Save yourself the hassle and cost of replacing your company’s prized team members by incorporating proven job satisfaction tactics into your business’s daily practices.

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Seven Keys to Retaining Employees

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