Three Reasons Why You Didn’t Land That Job

The hiring market is tighter than ever with one out of six American workers looking for work they can’t find (American Staffing Association, Annual Statistics). That means that while hiring can be arbitrary, you have an obligation to do everything you can to ensure you’re a prepared candidate. If you didn’t get the job, then these may be the reasons why.

Your résumé

If you didn’t land the interview based on your résumé then it’s time to revisit your résumé.

Did you include a cover letter?  Cover letters are a personal invitation to contact you. They shouldn’t duplicate your résumé but they should introduce you and convince the employer to look closely at your résumé and call you. 

Be sure your résumé reflects you individually, using words and phrases you feel comfortable with. Every single word of your résumé should be aimed at one goal: getting that call back. Wording should include powerful verbs, strong nouns and no clichéd adjectives.

Don’t bury your skills in a list of previous employment.  Consider putting your unique skill-set front and center and be sure to specifically target the skills your prospective employer is looking for. And, if you haven’t already, then be sure that your online presence has been maximize to emphasize your hiring potential.

The interview

You scored on your résumé and landed the interview. Congratulations. So what went wrong?

You were dressed professionally and showed up on time. But were you prepared?

Like your résumé the interview isn’t just about you. Do your homework. Research the company and learn as much as you can. Ask intelligent and thoughtful questions about the company culture that will indicate to the interviewer that you are a motivated candidate.

Ask questions about the position for which you are interviewing and show your enthusiasm. Save those questions about uncomfortable issues such as merit raises, mandatory overtime, and holiday pay until you are offered a job.

Were you cheerful and enthusiastic and interactive during the interview or were you the deer-in-the headlights-candidate, unable to string together rational sentences and not making eye contact?  You must connect with that interviewer to even be considered for the position. The solution?  Role-play with someone several times before your next interview and consider videotaping your rehearsal session to review. Yes. It is that important.

The follow-up 

Most job candidates forget the follow up. Do not fail to send a thank you note for the interview, no matter how you personally feel it went. Absolutely make a polite phone inquiry if they don’t call you, but don’t bug the HR department. If there are no answers then ask when they suggest you call back and say thank you.

There are many facets of the job hunt that are out of your control so it’s important to thoroughly master those areas you can control. At Working World Inc. we welcome the opportunity to assist you with any type of employment services you require. For more information on how we can meet your employment needs or to talk to one of our seasoned staffing recruiters or counselors contact us at

Three Reasons Why You Didn’t Land That Job

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