Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these real jobs?

“Obviously, these ARE real jobs and usually very important pieces to the company’s puzzle. When a company takes the time and incurs the expense of a Staffing Service, the position is important enough to them to get the best candidates they can find. We take each of the jobs we get very seriously and we expect our candidates to take them seriously also.”

2. Do you charge a fee?

“No we never charge a fee to our candidates.”

3. How do I get paid?

“We offer 2 ways for the candidates to get paid. One is the ADP Aline Pay Card. This is a great option for those who do not have a bank account. Working World will issue a pay card to you via the US mail once you are assigned to a job. You will call the 800 number and set up your account. Your money will then be sent to the pay card. You can access your money at any ATM. Your money will be available to you every Friday. If you choose to go the Direct Deposit route, simply supply us with a Direct Deposit form, which is the last page of your handbook, and a blank voided check. Your money will then be sent to either your savings or checking account every Friday.”

4. If a company wants to hire me, what is your policy?

“We ask that the company keep you on Working World’s payroll for a total of 560 hours before you are transitioned to their payroll. That equates to approximately 14 weeks of 40 hours. We also offer the customer a Buy-Out plan where they can take you on their payroll early, by paying us a fee.”

5. Do you have a referral program?

“Yes we do! For every candidate you refer to us that works a total of 160 hours, we will pay you $150.00.”

6. Where are most of your positions or clients located?

“We cover McHenry, Lake and some of Kane counties.”

7. Do you only place factory people?

“No! We have a very healthy clerical/office division. We are always seeking qualified, experienced office personnel to add to our pool of candidates! We also have a division for the dental industry called Staffing Smiles. If you’re a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant or have experience in an administrative role with a dental practice be sure to check out the Staffing Smiles website!”